Gift Vouchers


You can Buy and Redeem Gift Vouchers for our Online Ground School Courses!

Why not give someone a helping hand by purchasing a Gift Voucher for our courses?

Available from us, simply purchase as many vouchers as you like. Each Voucher contains a voucher code to allow a one month subscription to any of the courses below, redeemable on our site. Multiple vouchers can be used to subscribe to multiple courses, or the same course multiple times (giving you more allocated subscription time to that course).

Vouchers are redeemable against the following courses:

  • Air Law & ATC Procedures for Private Pilots
  • Air Law for Microlight Pilots
  • Aircraft General Knowledge for Private Pilots
  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge for Microlight Pilots
  • Best Navigation Practices for Private & Commercial & Microlight Pilots
  • Communications for Private & Microlight Pilots
  • Flight Performance & Planning for Private Pilots
  • Human Performance & Limitations for Private & Microlight Pilots
  • Infringement Avoidance for Private & Microlight & Commercial Pilots
  • Meteorology for Private & Microlight Pilots
  • Navigation for Private & Microlight Pilots
  • Night Rating for Private Pilots
  • Operational Procedures for Private Pilots
  • Pilot Updater for Private & Commercial Pilots
  • Principles of Flight for Private Pilots
  • Variable Pitch Propeller: Official Differences for Private & Commercial & Microlight Pilots

To Buy A Gift Voucher, please Contact Us.

To Redeem a Ground School Gift Voucher, simply Register for a FREE account on our system (if not already done so), activate your account by clicking on the link in the email we send you, and then go to My Account, Redeem Gift Voucher, and follow the simple instructions.