Official Exams for Microlight Pilots


This page provides useful information for those courses that prepare you for the OFFICIAL Theoretical Knowledge Exams for the NPPL Microlight and Powered Parachute Licences.

It's useful to know what to expect of the official exams before you go anywhere near them, so we've put together the following guidelines for you to alleviate any concerns you may have, and to give you some guidance on best tips and exam practice.

Before you are allowed to sit an official exam, you will need to be in possession of an Exam Readiness Certificate. To find out more about this first, click here.

You will be required to sit our on-line exam for the course in order to obtain your Exam Readiness Certificate. By doing this exam, you will stand absolutely every chance of passing the official exams for that subject.

Rule number one: Don't Panic.

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Official Exams for the NPPL(Microlight, Powered Parachute)

The Official Exams are in a written format (multiple choice answers), taken at your Training Organisation. You will have to provide your answers on the answer sheet provided.

You indicate your answers against each question number on the answer paper provided by placing an "X" in the correct box using a pen (not a pencil). If you change your mind over an answer, you must block out the box and place the "X" in the box associated with your new choice.

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Number of Questions & Duration

The number of questions and the time you have available to answer them depends on the subject of the exam. Generally speaking, if you know your subject, you will not be time constrained. We've listed the information below for reference. The pass mark for each exam is 70%.

Subject No. of Questions Duration
Air Law 20 30 minutes
Aircraft Technical 50 75 minutes
Meteorology 25 60 minutes
Human Performance & Limitations 10 20 minutes
Navigation 20 75 minutes
Communications (Radio Telephony) 12 20 minutes

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R/T Practical Exam

In addition, you will also need to pass the following practical (oral) exam:

Subject Duration
Communications (Radio Telephony) Approx. 30 minutes

This is an oral test with a Radiotelephony Examiner. You will need to have a separate revision/preparation session with us for this exam.

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Top Tips

You will do well to read these tips before undertaking any of the official exams.

  • Read the question carefully. Note in particular what actually requires answering.
  • Make sure you read all the answers before selecting. Remember you need to select the most correct answer.
  • If you have difficulty with a question, leave it, and come back to it at the end.
  • If unsure of the correct answer, try to definitely decide which of the choices are wrong. This then gives you better odds at guessing from what's left!
  • Remember that an exam with less questions means each question is worth more percentage mark, so you must answer more questions correctly to pass. In other words, you must know all of the subject material to be able to answer questions in any area.

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